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Can knowledge be a burden rather than a benefit?

January 21, 2012 by toriciampa · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Without knowledgeable men and women in our society, the world would not be in the place it is in right now.  In medicine, agriculture, economics,  or even literature, these subjects have advanced since the beginning. When pursuing knowledge, it is mostly in a way where that person wants to change society. Whether it is a recently discovered treatment to cure cancer, or even a great turning point made in America’s financial deficit, knowledgeable men and women do those things for the better of society. However, knowledge can be put to bad use. Military weapons from foreign countries are a possible threat to us. Extremist groups in Afghanistan have used those against us in the past. With our knowledge of weapons, we shared our techniques with them, which eventually back-fired on us. Not only that,  the general fact of pursuing knowledge is a great disadvantage for many. The realization of unsafe search engines like Wikipedia and Yahoo have resulted in closing of those websites. As in a result, many jobs were lost. In these ways, knowledge can be a burden rather than a benefit.

Scientific knowledge has advanced much faster than man’s ability to control society. We now have more advanced weapons which, if put to a bad use can harm environments and people. The purpose of weapons like this was to protect our country from any harm in time of war.  Though knowledge possessed by someone who does not make good decisions can be a burden for the people this knowledge is directed at. Our country shared many military tactics and weapons with extremist groups in Afghanistan in which backfired on us with the unfortunate event of September 11th. Our knowledge of dangerous  weapons, and our ability to teach others about them is a definite disadvantage for us, and could turn into a burden which we can not control.

By pursuing more knowledge we will become more aware of the danger present in the world. Knowledge of negative events or facts can be a burden, especially when they are situations one does not have the power to change.  SOPA and PIPA are recent organizations created to keep the internet a safe and under control. Perhaps these organizations are meant for the best, although they have blocked many essential websites like Wikipedia and Yahoo, which are used every day. Additionally, jobs that relied on those websites are now vanished. The realization of poorly constructed search engines has caused to occur. A certain type of knowledge to create these websites from millions of people around the world can impact a great amount of people in our society today.

Knowledge is a great thing when the impact is beneficial for society. Although when put to bad use,  it can result in becoming a burden rather than a benefit. Our knowledge of dangerous military tactics and weapons  and our ability to share those have resulted in the event of September 11th. The findings of un-safe search engines and the termination of them resulted in people losing jobs within those websites. Different types of knowledge and the ability to bring out it in society is everyone’s individual decision to make. Knowledge can be a burden, when put to bad use.

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  • Jana Battiloro

    good job – always try and keep your language use sophisticated and academic sounding

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